Crypto/Blockchain Startup Executive Personal Assistant at Goodcoin

Crypto/Blockchain Startup Executive Personal Assistant

Posted 13 days ago

Crypto/Blockchain Startup Executive Assistant

Position Type: Full Time Entry Level
Desired: Recent Graduate 20 - 30 hours a week
Pay: Hourly or Flat Monthly Fee - to be decided based on skills and experience level
Location: On the beach in Venice (MUST HAVE A CAR AND LIVE NEAR ME)

About myself:
Successful Internet Media entrepreneur that creates companies and helps people through philanthropy. I am driven and love to create great things. I expect the same of you. I want you to push yourself and make something of the experience. You must be very specific and detail oriented to keep up. You will learn a lot about life from this experience…not just the specific tasks at hand. I love to teach and am excited when people are eager to learn and absorb.

Seeking an executive assistant who is eager to provide high-level support to our founder and team. Must be enthusiastic about creating a philanthropic endeavor through crypto-currency. You will play a critical role in our development and will gain priceless experience and knowledge in one of the most prominent, upcoming fields in tech. You exercise good judgment, and have the ability to adjust and change priorities as needed. Must be exceptionally well-organized, able to effectively multi-task and take initiative.

Strong Online researcher - Most intensive part of the job
Live in LA (near Venice beach)
Own a personal car and computer

Necessary Skills:
Meticulous attention to detail
Self starter and creative problem solver
Social media skills a plus
Proficient at database management, list management, savvy computer person
Superior written and verbal communication skills
Excited about helping people in need

Responsibilities include but not limited to:
Online research - Most intensive part of the job
Assist the founding team with the logistics of operations
Cooperate with employees to ensure an efficient, lively work environment
Update and maintain work calendar and schedule
Online shopping/returning
Prioritize Assignments
Work under limited supervision


Verbal/Written Communication, Philanthropic


$15 - $35/hr USD

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