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Entrepreneur or not


Posted 190 days ago

Do you really want a normal life?
Don't you think your life should have a meaning?
Don't you think it's time for you to become an entrepreneur?
These are questions you need to ask yourself before you scroll down.

I’m looking for help to build a giant project to disrupt a very regulate field. This is a kind of co-founder position if you want.
But, what is a real good co-founder for me?

The founder’s qualities:
-Be determined: It’s your intensity that makes you different from the others. Be determinate is different that to be obstinate!
-Be flexible: If today is A, tomorrow it could be B. Don’t be offended by that!
-Be brave: Courage helps you to never give up. You just have to assume what you think. It is better to fail, holding his ideas than to survive on a raft carried by the tides. So, a founder don’t run after social recognition but do what he believes on.
-Be creative: Your imagination could have no limit. I’m looking for a divergent thinker to challenge my mind. Nothing is impossible to do, we just have to want it.
-Be a good friend: Friendship is the core element that makes a co-founding team. We need to be comfortable together.
-Be smart: It’s better than the opposite. That could help you learning new things faster, but don’t protect yourself against laziness. Read “Smart and get things done” from Joel Spolsky could be a good start for you!
-Be naughty: It’s better to give apologies than to ask for permission. We are a startup, not one of the GAFA, so we can use some commercial technics not so nice in the beginning (spam etc.), always with the mindset of client care.
-Focus on the present: Do things in present spacetime keeping in mind the future we want to build. But don’t imagine we can control the future, so don’t overplan. (be flexible, remember.)
-A startup is not really a democracy: We are not here to debate indefinitely. That doesn’t mean that the team should not have strong opinions. But execution is key in a startup. So there is only one person making the decision and has the last word if there is debate. It’s better to take a bad decision than to take no decision, if you are able to change your mind if things starts to sucks. (be flexible, remember).
-Be comfortable with chaos: It’s sure that we will be late whatever is happening. So don’t freak out!
-Cash is king: cash position in a startup need to increase ASAP. All guys/girls on the team need to know the truth. Prioritizing the development of features that bring money first is essential.
-No founders’ fights: Fights between founders are deadly. Always remember that we are here to serve a goal and that the company is more important than ourselves.

If you have read so far and you thinks that’s bullshits, you can save your time and don’t read what’s next.

What’s our mission?
We will free up the city medicine! You can have a look at https://blockpill.io for more detail. The website is quite slow because I didn't have time to fix it, and then it's not my priority at the moment. Sorry for that.

What’s the techno?
Blockpill is building on Corda. I hope you love working with Kotlin. I got a beginning partnership with R3 from december 2018.
Blockpill is also a communication tool. I’m currently building a partnership with another company for that, but I can’t talk about that here.

Who am I?
A pharmacist, passionate about technologies.
To be honest, I’m agree with all the founder’s qualities I have wrote (that’s reassuring, no!), even if I don’t have all of them.

Who you are?
At best, you are between 25 and 40 years old, you are a woman or a man, you are an easy going person, you live in Europe or the United States, you are passionate about programming and you love the Kotlin language. You are also 100% comfortable with what you have read. And the most important, you need to be someone that I genuinely trust.

A small precision. This is NOT A SALARY POSITION, so go on your way if you don't understand that. You need to be able to work on blockpill on your spare time. I really hope thing will change quickly and that we can enjoy ourselves soon.

If you are interested by this aventure, send me an email with your motivation and your resume. I have spend a long time to write this text, so you could do that for me! (you can reach me via linkedin too.)



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