Software Engineer at Sigma Protocol

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About the Job

At Sigma Protocol you'll have an opportunity to build dencentralized products that will redefine the future of global finance.

About Sigma Protocol
• Sigma Protocol is one of the world's first decentralized derivatives exchange on Ethereum layer 2 network. This is a non-custodian exchange which allows user to be in control of their own assets, while enjoying low gas fee and instant trading speed.
• Sigma Protocol at the very early stage, and you will be able to make large impacts on the product direction. It was firstly founded by engineer with experience from Silicon Valley companies and top school background.

• Developing the Solidity smart contracts on top of Ethereum and EVM based blockchains
• Writing and helping to maintain automated tests
• Write high performance software that processes tens of millions of transaction volumes in dollar per day, including order book matching engines, trading algorithms, API endpoints for placing / canceling / retrieving orders
• Integrate directly with the Ethereum layer 2 network to process and store on-chain information
• Build REST & WebSocket APIs to power our frontend app as well as programmatic traders
• Write TypeScript & Python clients that allow users to interact directly with our on-chain smart contracts
• Build the web application for our decentralized exchange
• Work efficiently and timely across the stack: 50% backend and 50% frontend

• > 2 years experience working as a full-time developer
• Experience with Solidity, Java/Kotlin, TypeScript, Node.js, React.js at your previous work
• Experience with building an off-chain exchange order matching engine


• Experience with Solidity, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka, Express, WebSockets, Docker
• Experience or an strong interest in decentralized finance
• CS Degree or equivalent experience


solidity, node.js, java


Based on experience

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