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Conjures a 2 man team with 2 highly focused and productive devs. Conjure allows anyone (and we mean ANYONE AT ALL) to create Synthetic Assets based on any asset on any market (currency, commodity, bananas). We believe that by allowing people to easily and rapidly tokenize assets onto decentralized networks we can open financial access to the world. We also have built a from scratch oracle and data framework that lets any api be brought onchain in under 60s.

We are constantly pushing new innovations built from scratch at high pace, and we need someone who can match our relentless pace and pursuit for innovation by getting the tools made to users and developers.

We are looking for a Growth and Marketing lead who can identify and execute marketing channels, solutions and ideas that will efficiently drive new developers and users to Conjures protocol, while maintaining a fun but focused atmosphere. If you are data driven, have a deep interest for decentralized finance and are looking to be a key role for a brand new protocol and help control the growth and success of innovative new technologies, as well as expand networks, then you might be well suited for leading our growth.

- Designing and performing experiments to drive marketing and growth to help us on our mission to bring crypto to the masses
- Work through the entire funnel from awareness, right down to retention to drive user acquisition and revenue growth
- Successfully drive CRM/email campaigns, design and lead rapid growth testing
Constant and frequent experimentation of channels, AB testing, to drive the growth of Conjures services
- Track metrics and analyze data to optimize our marketing campaigns and ads.
- Uncover and leverage new emerging channels and opportunities to accelerate growth
- Driving impact on the KPIs with the team
Monitor, analyze, and report on KPIs to ensure marketing initiatives are reaching revenue objectives
- Communicating the projects and their outcomes across the team

What you'll be doing
• Lead product marketing efforts for our team and help to onboard the varied users from Synth speculators, projects looking to use our oracle infrastructure, developers and creators
• Helping to contact projects and do outreach to key players to spread awareness for the protocol.
• Plan and execute go-to-market strategy for new products, features, enhancements and synthetic assets by forming the positioning, messaging, and value proposition
• Learn what customers need before they need it through direct interaction, surveys, and market sizing; bring that perspective to design, roadmapping, and backlog prioritization
• Make data-driven decisions when framing hypotheses, determining product-market fit, evaluating campaign performance, and setting goals
• Use sound product sense in marketing every day: identify the problem we are solving for, our hypothesis, what goals we will set and how we measure them, what channels are best to use, what we should do now, and how we can scale and automate
• Structure and optimize A/B and multivariate testing in channel marketing
• Take a diplomatic leadership approach to involve stakeholders early and get cross-functional work done; be a proactive leader and decision-maker
• Create and share intel on competing products and marketing; summarize what is working well and what is not and how we will differentiate ourselves
• Be an owner: step up and take the lead on challenging, ambiguous work
• Keep an astronaut’s mindset: pivot from the micro-details on the ground up to the bigger picture macro view and back down again

- Have 3+ years’ experience of working in a growth/marketing function with a track record of delivering success (ideally for a tech company or start-up)
- Proven track record of driving demand, growth and revenue
- You have a growth mindset – fast-paced, with continual experimentation and agile thinking
- Being data-driven and perform analysis of data to tell a story, drive campaigns and experiment with growth
- Experience with email, web, mobile/push, and content marketing with a history of focus on the right message for the right customer on the right channel (at the right time!)
- Passionate about crypto and financial technology
- Some technical understanding for decentralized finance to be able to communicate with developers at a high level
- Concise speaker, storyteller, and writer: you can slice, dice, and distill a narrative from a complex data set into an executive, TL;DR summary

Nice to have
• You’ve got a couple of moonshot ideas for transforming marketing in crypto
• You have some technical experience with decentralized finance, atleast to understand documentation
• You have some established connections and networks with key projects, influencers and members within the decentralized finance community

- You are an owner! We offer governance allocations to have a stake on our success
- Flexible hours - aslong as you are keeping pace and performing, work whenever you want.
- Be there at the start - You'll be a very early player in what we hope to be key infrastructure for decentralized finance

Intro to Conjure

Intro to Open Oracle Framework



product marketing, a/b testing, email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing


negotiable + token allocation + Equity

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