Growth Marketing Lead at Energi

Growth Marketing Lead


Posted 412 days ago

Perfect Person [in no particular order]
Someone who understands crypto currency | has a keen interest in same
Possibly from a financial background or a tech marketing geek
Needs to have insight into who the customer is - the answer to which is wide open due to global accessibility of crypto currency. A financial institution for the internet that opens global markets that never existed previously. Finance without borders.
Must understand the breadth of possibilities of the potential target market e.g. retail investors, young emerging market
A person with the insight and knowledge to focus activities on markets and marketing actions that are most impactful via conducting small tests and measuring. Keeping the feedback loop tight and lean
Largely statistical measuring. ‘Are we generating more buy demand than sell demand?’ - the all-important question
Important point. Energi as a company don’t sell the crypto currency directly Energi is essentially a marketing company, creating awareness
Need a visionary, pioneering, creative thinker to think of new ways to reach the target audience
An individual who is deeply passionate about marketing and emerging markets. Who sees the vision for the cryptocurrency market. So excited by same that it keeps them awake at night
Strong English skills
A person who is attracted to start ups. Who gets excited by the opportunity to build new things, build and capture new markets
Primary focus of this role is to grow and increase demand and build focus in areas that are impactful
A strategist
Instinctive. Intuitive marketer

Scope of Work
The Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the marketing activities and programs for Energi. The role will develop and implement marketing plans to serve Energi’s business objectives. Must stay ahead of changes in the marketing environment and coordinates market research projects with other marketing managers, the business development organization, outside vendors, and proposal owners. Selects and manages ongoing relationships with different marketing vendors, ad agencies, event organizers, and community sites. May oversees advertising, events and public relationships.

o Creates or overviews creation of content for all the marketing activities taking place.
o Establishes policies, processes and standards to reach, connect and acquire target audiences through marketing efforts.
o Responsible for creation, design, scheduling, final execution and reporting of various programs, campaigns and events.
o Ability to develop new campaigns using digital marketing strategies in collaboration with key stakeholders.
o Works closely with marketing team, ad agencies, PR team, project managers, proposal owners, and other team members, especially in business development, as part of a dynamic, cross functional, high performing team.
o Works with the whole team to define the messages that Energi will use to reach the target market.
o Monitors activity, pipeline performance and other assets as it relates to key consumer acquisition.
o Possibly required to attend staff trade show and promotional events as needed.
o Actively participate in the development of new ideas, content mapping, interactive journey mapping and functionality to ensure delivery experiences that result in significant and measurable improvements in understanding, conversion and outcomes in support of established goals.
o Manages campaigns in marketing technology, including:
o Create entry populations and mapping experiences based on engagement.
o Create, upload and deploy campaigns through marketing automation technologies.
o Track, optimize and provide insights on pipeline management and KPI reporting.
o CMS utilization and training tools for internal enrollment.
o Serves as marketing liaison and provide management oversight to designated 3rd party vendors.
o Ensures best practices are employed for copywriting, email design, landing page design, asset delivery, and mobile optimization.
o Implements multivariate testing methodologies on all elements of digital marketing to increase conversion rates.
o Provides guidance and direction to cross functional teams and external resources as needed.
o Assumes or coordinates other duties or projects as assigned or directed.

Product Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales/Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Marketing and Branding, Marketing Management

Leadership skills.
Take charge of the existing marketing team - 2 in the US, 1 full time and 1 part time. Primarily on SEO and web presence. Managing engagements with social media influencers
Additional marketing persons who work on a needs basis - graphic designer, video producers and similar
All the pieces of the marketing team are in place. A strong manager is needed to bring cohesion, focus and drive to the marketing team

Base pay in Bitcoin [most liquid cryptocurrency] with balance in Energi currency. 50/50 split. Vesting period of 18 months for Energi currency - which equals a stake in the company
This is a performance driven role. The individual must be able to generate a benefit of hire

Flexible hour job. Can be based anywhere. Opportunity to work in a part time capacity is available


Product Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales/Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Marketing and Branding, Marketing Management


8000 USD per month

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