Head of Marketing at Data Lake

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About the Job

We firmly believe that the time is ripe for web3 companies that use blockchain technology to truly challange status quo and fundamentally change the way we establish trust among one another.

That’s what we do in Data Lake.

We build a system that enables trusted medical data exchange for research purposes.

We herald creation of a medical data donation system, where patients can donate data just like they donate blood.

We do it in a stellar and fun team, with great partners with proven track record - in crypto, business and healthcare.

We’ve succesfully raised money from the European Union and from our token sale.

Now we’re ready to launch.

The only missing piece of the puzzle is you.

Join us as Data Lake Marketing Leader.

What do we need?

- Drive and passion. We need daring dreamers who are also doers
- Belief in our project and sense of urgency to deliver on our promises
- Experience in marketing of other successfull crypto / web3 projects. We’d like you to be smarter than us and come with a head full of ideas to launch our project to the orbit.
- Understanding that we are different. We want to change an old-fashioned healthcare industry. Our communication will have to be well-balanced and delicate. No wen lambos.
- Ability to set marketing strategy of our $LAKE token through the private sale, IDO and post-IDO
- Excellent writing that captures hearts and minds
- Great eye for graphics and attention to detail
- Excellent organisation. Ability to work in Scrum/Agile & OKR methodologies
- Tolerance to crappy jokes. We can’t be good in everything.

What do we offer?

- Competitive salary with unlimited upside. Our starting offer is 4000 USD (or USDT) / month + 4.000 USD / month worth of $LAKE tokens.
- On top of that we can offer up to 0,3% of Total Token Supply bonded to achieving marketing KPIs over the next 2 years that we agree on together at the beginning. If our project grows as planned you will become an affluent human being in a relatively short period of time.
- Flexible working model - remote / hybrid / stationary. We are based in Warsaw. It’s beautiful here in the summer and good for work in the winter 🙂
- Chance to join a fast growing web3 project early.
- A project that will have a real impact on the real world. We’re not building memes - we’re building a system that will give hope to millions of patients
- Your name will be associated with a project that’s useful and good for humanity. Both your friends and your family will be proud.
- You’ll join a team of doctors, lawyers and Forbes-recognized entrepreneurs who built a startup in Africa, created a cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, wrote telemedicine regulations for the whole country, created and managed a humanitarian organisation. You have our word that you won’t be bored.
- An adventure of your lifetime. Guaranteed.

Join us while it’s still early. Help us build a project greater than life.

How to apply?

Send your CV to:

[email protected]


Community building, crypto marketing


4000-8000 USD / month + Equity

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