Marketing Lead at BurnX 2.0

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About the Job

BurnX 2.0 is a fresh, forward thinking crypto project with a long-term goal that rewards holders and funds recurring donations to community-selected good causes in the real world.

We're seeking a dedicated, self-reliant, experienced Marketing Lead to bring continued exposure to the project and help deliver on its sincere goals. Someone that fully understands how to effectively market a honest project within crypto using a given budget.

In addition, because BurnX 2.0 also wishes to appeal to a real world mainstream audience (with recurring charitable donations being the bridge), someone that understands how to effectively market in that space too.

Please find below a BurnX 2.0 overview that helps to clarify where we are now and the direction we're heading:

Must be a team player; and have a proven track record in successful marketing, particularly within crypto.

Kind Regards,

Founder and Principle Developer
BurnX 2.0


Marketing, crypto, social media


Equity per month + Equity

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