Marketing Lead at reBaked

Marketing Lead


Posted 12 days ago

Our employees are empowered to take ownership of their initiatives and to make decisions.

Your task will be to coordinate our marketing initiatives, design & execute our campaigns.
You will play an integral role in growing our token economy, bootstrap our DAO, and launching our platforms.

Responsibilities :

Planning, coordination, and implementation of all marketing activities.
Social media strategies to create insightful content and build an online community
Expansion of the global online community
Communications with the community managers and managing Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Medium & more
PR/ Content Strategy
Finding new channels of marketing distribution.
Assisting with Branding and content strategy
Content creation and development (You will work with our very talented copywriter)
Engaging with the community - everyone in our team should actively engage and build relations with the community
Network with industry experts through Twitter to drive community awareness

The ideal candidate should have:
Experience in working with crypto companies;
developing social media strategies and creating insightful content. (You should already be active in the crypto space)
Previous experience in coordinating marketing efforts
Ability to fluently speak and write in English
Be Independent, self-motivated and goal-driven
Able to identify target groups and communities to engage with.
Experience in growing Telegram, Twitter and Discord

Hours and compensation
This is either a full-time or part-time position contract depending on the candidate's preference
Salary is commensurate with location, experience and the market
Further achievement rewards in $BAKED tokens -Subject to legislation according to candidate's citizenship
This is a remote-only position- with one annual retreat across the world

About reBaked:
ReBaked's value-driven system of collaboration and governance allows anyone, anywhere, to effectively cooperate and build fast-moving 3.0 infrastructure & products.

Rebaked is the future of work. An incentive aligned meritocratic DAO that allows anyone, anywhere, to demonstrate value into real, tangible, high-impact projects. reBaked takes a unique approach to crowdsource and open innovation. Unlike pure contest plays, the reBaked system allows collaborators to negotiate a guaranteed minimum payment in exchange for convertible tokens from promising Web 3.0 Projects.


Marketing, Social Media, Growth


2000-3500 + Equity

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