QA Specialist at HardBlock Australian Bitcoin Exchange

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About the Job

Thanks for your interest in working as a QA specialist at .

We are looking for somebody to join us on our journey building up our exchange to one of the premier Bitcoin exchanges in Australia.

The most important qualification is to be passionate about Bitcoin and helping people gain financial sovereignty through spreading Bitcoin adoption.

We are looking for an Australia based individual to join our team on a part-time (10 hrs/pw) basis as a Quality Assurance specialist. This work is remote.

The rate is $26 for entry-level experience up to ~$36 for somebody with experience working in QA or in development.

We are an Australian Bitcoin broker- exchange from Adelaide but working remotely. We are small (3 people) self-funded startup.

Your responsibility will be to ensure our web application is of high quality with minimum bugs and easy to use.

This will involve:

- Working with and learning how Bitcoin works,
- Working with tools such as JIRA, GIT, Laravel, Bitcoin wallets, Github,
- Solving problems (often of a technical nature),
- Writing up and updating documents with detailed clear test cases,
- Thoroughly manually testing the features from our development process for bugs,
- Creating bug reports with specific instructions on how to reproduce them,
- Writing and detailing specifications for new features.

This is a startup with a small team. Apart from your primary QA role, you will need to help out with other tasks including:

- Customer ID Verification,
- Calling customers to verify their accounts,
- Making reports on suspicious customers,
- Helping out with other assorted technical and non-technical tasks.

Who we are looking for:

- You are interested in Bitcoin !!!
- Enjoys finding bugs, ok with repetitive tasks,
- Technically apt. You will need to work with and set up different tools, work with Bitcoin etc,
- Good problem-solving skills,
- Organised,
- Thorough,
- Testing mindset,
- Programming knowledge is beneficial but not a requirement,
- Self-Disciplined
- able to work remotely

In your application answer the following questions:

- Your work experience and educational background,
- How much experience do you have working remotely,
- Do you have experience working in a professional development environment, either as programmer tester, scrum master or anything similar,
- Have you worked as a tester/QA?
- What is your programming experience? (you do not need to have any for this position, it is beneficial, however),
- Explain what is your favourite project or coin(s) in the cryptocurrency space and why.
- Which city do you live in?
- Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media that would help us learn more about you.


QA, Testing, Software Development Lifecycyle


25-35 AUD/per hour

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