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About the Company is a real-time trading platform designed to facilitate ownership of the 68+ billion a year fine art industry. We are not just another NFT exchange, we tokenize physical fine art for the 1st time in the world! We are dreamers, thinkers, & doer's with a strong background in the Web2 world. Our aim is to bring physical assets to the blockchain starting with fine art and next the entire collectables industry! We have completed the development of our application and are now preparing for our public launch. Join us today to be part of the future of tokenized physical assets!

About the Job

About: We are looking for a driven, execution focused growth marketer to drive our UA efforts and lead our internal marketing team.

Who are we: We are the 1st exchange built from the ground up to invest & trade in the $68bn a year fine art market. (Physical NFTs anyone???)

What you'll do here:
-Work closely with the founders to develop a killer UA strategy and then execute it
-Create a bridge between Angelo and various crypto and blockchain communities
-Brainstorm and execute content marketing strategies that aren’t boring
-Make Discord & Twitter foam at the mouth to be a part of this
-Help us bring fine art trading to professional traders (Stocks, Crypto, Forex, NFTs)
-Identify successful competitor strategies and implement & improve them
-Setup KPI’s and measure them actively
-Assist with PR (when appropriate)
-Help us build a strong community of users that will be an engine for referrals
-Performance marketing campaigns (paid ads/media/SMS)
-Lead and manage the marketing team and assist with future hiring
-Execute influencer marketing & strategic partnerships in concert with the founders

Qualifications you’ll need:
-Relevant web3 experience in marketing (specifically UA)
-At least 3 years of B2C/Fintech marketing experience or Web3 equivalent
-Working knowledge of crypto, dApps, NFTs, (in short understand the industry at large)
-Strong understanding of analytics/KPI monitoring
-Be someone who understands the startup mentality (it requires hustle!)
-Understand landing page fundamentals (we’ll design them, you ideate them)
-Understand how to work a spreadsheet/powerpoint
-Excellent communication skills
-Fluent English

The Mindset needed:
-Non-perfectionist (getting stuff done is more important than perfection)
-Good humour
-Enjoy the everyday challenges
-0 to 1 marketing (this is your baby as much as it's ours)
-Self-starter (you don’t wait to be told what to do)
-Creative thinker
-High energy

What You’ll Get:
-Salary + Equity options (if your performance is great, we want you to become an owner)
-Exposure to the culture of Fine art and a valuable off-line network
-Being at the forefront of a revolution in physical asset trading
-Opportunity to work remotely (as long as the timezone hours work)
-Very strong growth opportunities - you can chart your own career progression
-You’ll have fun - we are changing an industry which hasn't changed in 100 years

Ready to say to hell with bear markets?

Email us: [email protected]


Digital Marketing, Crypto/NFT, Growth Hacking, Leadership


2000-5000/Month (Possibility for Equity) + Equity

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