📝 DRAFT — Senior Product Manager (Blockchain/DeFi) at Rigel Protocol

Senior Product Manager (Blockchain/DeFi)

Rigel Protocol

Posted 80 days ago

RigelProtocol is a protocol for all your Defi Needs. We are an innovative team working on a couple of Dapps from Exchange swapping, farms, gaming e.t.c
We are looking to add a motivated Senior Product Manager to Our team to the edge to put us closer to success.



1. Managing our Products Life Cycle (CEO of Product).
2. Working on determining software architecture with our head of engineering.
3. Determining Timelines alongside our head of engineering.
4. Tracking Developers Tasks using Trello and other product management software.
5. Time Tracking of developer working hours.
6. Creating Products and Support documentation.
7. Working with Our Product Designer to transform ideas into Mocks
8. Working with Our Marketing Manager to ensure product features are well communicated.
9. Being innovative to come up with new products and improvements to existing products.
10. Manual Testing of products, Smart Contracts, and Dapps during development alongside the head of engineering.
11. Connecting Our team from support, marketing, and tech.
12. Participating In Hiring Processes
13. Prepare product launch and go to market strategies.
14. Manage the product backlog through continuous prioritization
15. Providing and Scouting APIs resources
16. Your added skills and More...


You have at least 3 years of experience in product management, working with engineering teams.
You’re a great communicator
Familiar with Defi & Blockchain
Experience with designing API’s or working with infrastructure teams.
Experienced with team task tracking and product management software.
Experienced in Agile Methodologies.


Flexible Working Time
Profit shares
100% Remote
Interesting Team Members


Teamwork, Problem-solving, Trello/Jira, APIs, Product Management, Figma, Marketing


4-5% of Total Team Token Equity Share [Additional liquid Compensation after fundraising]. + Equity

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