Smart Contracts Engineer at BGD Labs

63 days ago
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About the Company

BGD (Bored Ghosts Developing) is a Web3 and DeFi development initiative, with roots in the Aave protocol ecosystem and currently being one of the main technical contributors there.

About the Job

Remote (European 9-17h time zone overlap, at least partially)
Mid-Senior level

By joining us, you will be working with a team doing awesome things like:
- Implementing new features and maintaining Aave, a multi-billion DeFi protocol.
- Development and maintenance of Aave Governance v3, a next-generation on-chain governance system based on storage proofs.
- Development and maintenance of a.DI (Aave Delivery Infrastructure), a cross-chain communication layer introducing a consensus mechanism on top of underlying bridge providers.
- Additional projects by BGD, on the edge of DeFi and blockchain.

As an ideal candidate, you should have deep experience with Ethereum (or any other EVM-based) smart contracts development, ideally having participated on a production-grade DeFi application on the Solidity side.

You should be able to implement high-quality Solidity code, always from a critical point of view; take key architectural decisions with solid rationale; design and implement good security procedures (tests, formal verification, fuzzing); and discuss with the rest of the team about all the previous in a constructive way.

Additionally, being a small team we value independence: you should own your projects, and we will empower you to do so.

Responsibilities and Duties:
- Design/implement secure and reliable apps in Solidity.
- Writing good documentation.
- Internal quality control and audit of smart contracts: code reviews, feedback on designs of other team members.
- Collaborate with frontend, backend, and other smart contract engineers.
- Help identify friction points and implement solutions to improve potential bottlenecks in the development process.
- High and low level thinking, always keeping in mind the goals of each project.

- 2+ years of relevant experience as a Smart - Contract Developer (Solidity and optionally Vyper).
- Passion for the DeFi and Web3 fields.
- Knowledge and experience of test-driven development.
- Deep familiarity with the common Smart Contract vulnerabilities.
- Exceptional strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills with a strong analytical mindset.
- A deep understanding of the architecture of modern Web3 applications and backends.
- English language fluency.
- Able to make informed decisions that require a quick turnaround.
- Hand-on production experience with the Foundry framework.
- Understanding of formal verification tools and fuzzing, with hands-on experience as a plus.

- Salary range: 80-200k, with potential bonus.
- Remote work and flexible working hours, but with at least partial overlap with European time zones.
- 20 days paid holiday
- Front seat into position on working with decentralized financial technologies
- Guaranteed innovation-driven work environment

If you are interested in this offer, please send us your CV and a cover letter (only Google Drive files) to [email protected]


Solidity, Web3


80-200k / year