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Posted 349 days ago

If you are curious in in exploring crypto trading and are looking for opportunities to demonstrate and expand your developer skills in high frequency trading platforms,Bybit is actively recruiting, and working alongside with our Shanghai team with strong BAT (technology-savvy) backgrounds.

In Bybit, you can develop your skills to greater heights and build your career path in a fast-growing multi-cultural global organization.

Software Developer - C++/Golang

Job Responsibilities:
Responsible for the core architecture designs and background developments pertaining to the field of finance, which requires the developed systems to have high throughput (tens of thousands of TPS per second), low latency, high availability, and high reliability development of core trading system which has 10 thousands TPS;
Responsible for the development and preparation of relevant technical documents.
Provide other technical support when needed
Job requirements:
Bachelor’s degree or above in computer related major, with 3- 5 years of distributed system development experience in Golang or C ++ under Unix / Linux;
Proficient in TCP / IP, HTTP protocols, inter-process communication programming, familiar with common architecture design methods under Unix / Linux;
Familiar with the principles of Unix / Linux operating system and skilled in using shell tools;
Experience in pure memory service development system is preferred;
Experience in the development of market systems and trading systems such as stocks and futures which has low latency, high availability, and high reliability features is preferred;
Have good problem location analysis ability;
Have good teamwork ability, good at communication, and be independently driven to excel.
Fluent in Mandarin language to communicate with China's associates.





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