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Solidity Engineer


Posted 21 days ago

NEPRI brings DeFi & Open Finance to 3.6 Billion Ordinary People. It is an Open Finance and Decentralized Financial (DeFi) platform that makes DeFi services & tools accessible to anyone with a smartphone.
How will Open Finance and DeFi cross the chasm? With NEPRI.

NEPRI is a multi-purpose Open Finance and Decentralized Financial platform providing: - the superior and next-generation stablecoin that earns a yield while it’s in your wallet with rich diversified yield generation strategies - a Tokenized Risk and Fluctuation Derivative Asset for DeFi, with a yield strategy based on a cross platform derivatives protocol for any and all fluctuations – and an autonomous and non-custodial stablecoin infrastructure, risk minimised and scalable stable assets are the foundation of a robust DeFi stack. The aim is to build a billion-dollar DeFi protocol
Moreover, we are working on launching a single platform that offers venture funding in tiered risk levels, creating nearly zero-risk venture investments, and provide a solution to close the $5.2 Trillion Credit Gap for formal MSMEs and startups in next frontier and emerging markets with a new asset class based on a structured financial product targeting the $1Trillion Personal Finance Management market. In addition, we are building a fair, accessible, collaborative and inclusive security token sale framework targeting the $14 Trillion Opportunity of Alternative Asset investment.
NEPRI is being built by NEPRI Inc., a company with presence in South Africa and Mauritius. Our core development team is remote and successful applicants are expected to work on remote for the next 3 months.

NEPRI is building a global Open Finance platform that can be used by anyone in frontier and emerging markets with a mobile phone — no banks or intermediaries required. Under the hood, it is a decentralized smart contract platform whose architecture enables mobile phones to easily validate transactions, and it uses stable-value token pegged to fiat currency to minimize volatility. But because NEPRI is building both the underlying infrastructure, a consumer web app and a mobile app, it is taking a “full stack” approach. This means we’re building a complete product or service that can bypass legacy infrastructure and limitations, and more importantly, provide a better end-to-end experience — enabling NEPRI to take the best features of DeFi and pair them with a more seamless user experience.
As of right now, we are looking for a Solidity engineer with a passion for coding to join our dev team as a co-founder — if you happen to check all of the boxes below feel free to submit us your resume/CV.
NEPRI is looking for an engineer with Solidity experience to help build NEPRI’s smart contract capabilities. As a member of the NEPRI team you will collaborate on the design and implementation of smart contracts for our peer-to-peer risk exchange protocol, next-gen asset class and security token sale framework.

Important: You will be an equity partner, and like the other founders, may receive no other salary until the startup has raised funds, but you will receive an interesting token allocation.

Solidity Engineer
The role
We’re looking for a talented developer with expertise across DeFi, financial/token engineering or governance mechanisms to help us take NEPRI to the next level. We have lots of exciting things planned on the roadmap and want to deliver innovative, robust and performant solutions to our community.

About you

- You’re passionate about Blockchain and continually keep at the forefront of cryptocurrency & DeFi
- You care about writing secure, quality, maintainable code
- You have a mathematical brain and a knack for solving difficult problems
- You contribute effectively as part of a lean, fast moving team

We're looking for an experienced Solidity Engineer to help us build the smart contracts at the heart of the NEPRI Standard. You'll play a key role in architecting, implementing and securing the core NEPRI protocol whilst preparing for the longer term transition into a fully decentralised, unstoppable stable asset standard.

At NEPRI, you will have the chance to take real ownership of your work while collaborating closely with our core engineering team and wider DeFi community. As an early engineer, you will also be integral in setting both company and engineering culture and processes. You will represent the team at conferences and meetups and help us evangelize the NEPRI Standard.

What you’ll do
- Find solutions to tough problems by designing incentive mechanisms, protocol optimisations and governance mechanics in a fast moving DeFi ecosystem
- Architect, develop, test and deploy smart contracts across the array of domains that make up NEPRI
- Help make the NEPRI platform as interoperable as possible by designing clean interfaces
- Develop high-quality code that is maintainable, performant and accessible

What you’ll need
- Provable experience delivering high quality, functional code running on Ethereum, Tron, Cosmos or Binance Smart Chain
- Degree in Comp Sci, Engineering or Mathematics
- Strong experience in OOP languages

- Architect, develop and deploy smart contracts that make up the core of the NEPRI Standard
- Research, architect and develop the governance system that will allow the NEPRI Standard to become fully decentralised
- Develop high-quality code that is maintainable, performant, accessible and precise
- Drive team engineering processes, standards and workflow
- Collaborate with relevant DeFi projects to discover optimal solutions for our key challenges
- Perform internal code audits and code reviews, and produce product and best practices documentation
-Collaborating with the rest of the team to design new features
-Implementing NEPRI smart contracts, unit tests, and scripts
-Reviews and integration tests for new code

- 3+ years in software engineering
- Deep understanding of Ethereum, Tron, Cosmos SDK, Rollups (Optimistic and ZK) and the inner workings of their EVM
- Provable experience delivering high quality, functional code running on Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos SDK or Rollups (Optimistic and ZK)
-Experience deploying code within an economic system or protocol on Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos SDK
- Strong unit testing culture
- Strong experience in Javascript
- Very good written and verbal communication skills
- Ambitious and autonomous with a proactive attitude, backed up by a passion for DeFi and open source

Nice to have
- Always up to date with latest EIPS, practices and standards
- Experience contributing to or managing open source projects
- Experience working in the DeFi ecosystem
- Experience with Golang, React or Cloud Devops
- Are familiar with crypto-economic protocol design including governance and incentive structures
- Deep understanding of Layer 2 and ETH 2.0
- Experience in Financial Engineering in the DeFi ecosystem

Bonus points:
• Familiarity with web3 wallet interactions within the browser
• Computer Science Degree
• Verified to have found and reported or even fixed a bug on another smart contract system

Why work at NEPRI?
NEPRI is a software development company that is driven to make DeFi safe, secure and transparent. These traits are unfortunately not common in cryptocurrency but are fundamental to the success of DeFi and its ability to scale to billions of users. The NEPRI Standard reflects these characteristics; it is a critical missing primitive to the emerging DeFi stack.

By working at NEPRI, you will:
- Receive a competitive salary and generous equity/token allocation
- Contribute to a leading product in an exciting, cutting edge area of technology and finance
- Work amongst a young, driven and international team
- Be granted a high degree of responsibility, freedom and trust
- Represent NEPRI at meetups and conferences
- Liaise with other leading DeFi projects on integration and collaboration
- Get together in inspiring locations to build, meet and have fun at company Offsites
- Have a flexible schedule and location, working from home occasionally as desired
- Communicate asynchronously through Asana, Gitlab and chat with our broad team
- Be valued for your contributions, in a results driven company

Our core team are closely aligned, highly motivated, agile and hold each other to high standards. As a core NEPRI engineer you will take real ownership over your work: both your open-source code and the resulting applications will be visible and utilised in the heart of DeFi.

On remote, you would be working directly with the core growth and development team in an open and collaborative environment. We are supported by our team and globally distributed, active advisory board.


Solidity, Ethereum, Javascript, Security Audit


100000 - 120000 USD/YEAR + Equity

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