Substrate Engineer at Fragcolor

Substrate Engineer

Remote Singapore
Posted 44 days ago

Substrate engineer

Here at Fragcolor we love games, digital art and interactivity. We also believe in freedom and decentralization. Our mission is to let everyone become the architect of The Open Metaverse. We are building a gaming engine and app to quickly let anyone create, publish and if wanted even monetize interactive experiences and games.

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The Job

We're looking for experienced Rust developers that understand blockchain, familiar with the Substrate ecosystem and eager to work on cutting-edge research and redesign of the way online games work!

Come help us develop a substrate PoS sidechain that will be used for permanent storage, decentralized database, zkSTARK verifications and lazy evaluations of player actions.


* 3+ years of experience in software development.
* Experience in Rust.
* Ability to write and communicate effectively in English.
* Ability and/or experience working remotely as a part of a distributed team.
* Ability to work proactively with minimal supervision.
* Eagerness to work openly and collaboratively with a diverse team.
* Experience with Substrate and other blockchain ecosystems
* Experience with git and GitHub.

Nice to have
* Familiarity with Ethereum and Solidity
* Passionate about decentralization and video games
* Experience in C/C++.


Rust, Substrate, Polkadot


From 5000 USD / Month + Tokens + Equity

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