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About the Company

A hybrid PoW and PoS L1 smart contract network with feeless transactions and a progressive decentralization path modelled by the values and ethos of Bitcoin. While acting as a standalone L1, Zenon will help solve Bitcoin scaling as an L2 enabling a feeless and trustless layer 3 zApp economy that inherits Bitcoin’s PoW security.

About the Job

Implement a modern and efficient VM for Zenon. WebAssembly and the multitude of languages that compile to WASM are a good alternatives to EVM, but newer solutions that rely on zero-knowledge proofs such as zkEVM or Zinc also seem very promising to integrate.

The network is particularly interested in zkEVM ✅

• Official Post: https://click.zenon.link/3hv
• Funding Process: https://click.zenon.link/ft0
• Library (Repos/SDK's): https://click.zenon.link/fsz

⚠️ No single individual will decide whether you get hired/funded. You must follow a process to get funded on-chain. Pillars (validators) will vote whether your project gets funded. ⚠️

Short summary of the process: Develop a proposal, submit it on-chain, engage with the community to in/validate your offer and see if the Network of Momentum's Pillar operators will approve your proposal. Proposals can be split into multiple submissions if they require larger budgets.

• Max ZNN per Proposal: 5,000 ZNN
• Max QSR per Proposal: 50,000 QSR

You'll need some ZNN and QSR to fuse to your address in order to submit the transaction on-chain. Please join our Discord community if you have any questions about the process.

If the opportunity is not a fit for you and you may have some friends that'd be interested, feel free to help us spread the word by sharing this page! 💚 ~Zenon Community


Go, C, C++, Rust, Smart Contracts, zero-knowledge proof


You decide

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