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Community Manager active 14 minutes ago
Available Now 📍 Minsk

I have a lot of experience in developing communities, both from scratch and existing ones, I understand people in both global and local CIS communities, I enjoy working with the community and I will be able to improve community engagement through communication and various local competitions

Senior Blockchain Engineer active 42 minutes ago
Available Now 📍 Canada
Solidity Web3 React.js Next.js Typescript Moralis Thirdweb Node.js Java

I am a Senior Blockchain Engineer with over 9 years of software development experience, over 3 years in blockchain, over 5 years in Financial software development. I’ve been working on several projects for the past decades. Over the years, I’ve built an expertise in frontend and backend. Recently,...

DevOps Engineer (Python) active 4 hours ago
Available Now 📍 Mallorca
Python AWS Linux PHP Git Cd/ci Pipelines Etc...

I am a software developer with 20 years experience. After running and talking at crypto currency meetups I am ready to bring my knowledge to the blockchain space. Recently I have been working on my own NFT project to learn Solidity, ERC standards, price feeds & bonding curves (floating point maths i...

Communication Manager & Web 3.0 Analyzer active 5 hours ago
Available Now 📍 Istanbul
Community Management Java Dev Day Trader Nft Marketer Web 3 Researcher

2 years ago I went to an interview and I got accepted to work there as a trader. After 7 months of daily training, I was ready to build my trading strategy. In the meantime, I was able to get my german certificate from Austria. 1 year ago I started researching Blockchain and Web 3.0. I believe th...

Full stack developer active 14 hours ago
Open to Offers 📍 United Arab Emirates
Solidity Web3 React Nextjs Restful Apis Nodejs .net Core Asp .net Xamarin C# Windows Application Mvvm & Mvc Sql Server Mongodb Azure Ui/ux Logo Design

I am Farnaz from Dubai, a solution-oriented full-stack developer in both web3.0 and web2.0 and a lifelong learner with a professional background in Information Technology and coding. I enjoy development because of the satisfaction I get by overcoming challenges. I am motivated by the opportunity t...

Indian crypto community MOD active 19 hours ago
Open to Offers 📍 INDIA
Community Mod

I started my crypto journey back in 2017 and got rekt, I joined many crypto communities at that time learned trading understand how crypto projects works, and all about blockchain and crypto. since last year I explored many Gamefi projects and played them also learned about Gamefi, NFT, DAO, and DEX...

Marketing Manager | Web3 | Technical Analyst active 21 hours ago
Open to Offers 📍 Philippines
Web Development Digital Marketing Technical Analysis Trading

Good day. I'm an Information Technology Graduate. I have worked as a Web developer and an all-around VA in the past doing Administrative works, building WordPress websites, making promo videos and designing graphics. I am currently a Marketing Manager of a SEO company in Australia. I show a high lev...

Community manager , Cryptos and Blockchain analyste and web marketer  Creator of NFTs , Marketing web3 active 22 hours ago
Available Now 📍 Africa Benin
Community Manager Cryptos And Blockchain Analyste Web Marketer Creator Of Nfts

Hello 🙌 ! I'm a community management moderator I have 3 years experience in Cryptography Cryptos and Blockchain analyste and web marketer , Accounting and project manager , marketing web3

CMO, PPC Management, Growth Hacker active 1 day ago
Available Now 📍 Tehran, Istanbul
Performance Marketing Ppc Professional Ad Management Sales Funnel

I'm Sina, and I have +10 years experience in the marketing industry. I Studied crypto projects in last 3 years. I created the Iranian leading social media marketing platform & I Own a performance marketing/branding agency. Also I have Years of experience in product development. a Revolution is...

Community Manager active 1 day ago
Available Now 📍 India
Community Management Graphic Designing Content Creation Networking Sales Instagram Marketing Social Media Management Campaign Management.

In response to the posting for the Community Manager position. I am writing to demonstrate my interest in this position. Based on my many years in community management, Campaign Management, KOL marketing, and Collaboration, I believe that I have the necessary expertise and qualifications to fulfill...

Multidisciplinary Designer & Art Director / Web3 & IT Consultant + Incubator / Startup Founder / Technical Analyst active 1 day ago
Available Now 📍 Basel, Switzerland
Web3 Consulting & Incubation / Digital Strategy / Art Direction / Corporate Design Editorial & Typography / Ux/ui / 3D & Motion / Ta Blockchain & It

I'm a swiss multidisciplinary designer, art director, startup founder & Web3 consultant + incubator as well as technical anaylst with a diversified network in IT & blockchain sectors including investors, tech evangelists, technical analysts, developers, designers & promoters. My expertise covers...

Bitcoin Traders/Enthusiasts active 1 day ago
Available Now 📍 Ireland
Ux Research Marketing Social Media HTML CSS Ux Analytics

I am characterized for being a proactive, companion, dynamic and responsible person. I speak fluent English and Spanish. I am a technician in Digital Marketing and E-commerce and I was trained in User Experience Design and Interactions (UX and IxD) Over time, I acquired new knowledge, technique...

Web3 Analyst/Advisor active 1 day ago
Available Now 📍 Dallas Texas
On Chain Analysis

I am a Web3 professional analyst eager to collaborate and usher investors and financial planners into a multitude of both centralized and decentralized online ecosystems. As nation states, billionaires, hedge funds and retail investors venture into the financial future of the internet, it is impor...

Blockchain Web Developer active 1 day ago
Available Now 📍 Singapore
Solidity Rust Node.js React.js

I have 4+ years experience with proficiency in NFT Marketplace |Smart Contract Development | Blockhain Development | ICO | Cryptocurrency | Smart Contract Audits| Public & Private Blockchain | dApps. I have experience in various blockchains : Ethereuem, Solana and Polkadot. • NFT (Non Fungible...

NFT Creator active 2 days ago
Open to Offers 📍

NFT artist and creator, web3 enthusiast. Integrating life as is into Metaverse. Never forget where you come from

Marketing/Writer/Web developer active 2 days ago
Open to Offers 📍

I am a young man interested in the crypto sector with a lot of desire to work and offer my services.

CTO / CPO active 2 days ago
Available Now 📍 Amsterdam
Problem-Solving Big-Picture Vs Micro-Detail Hyper-Autodidacticism User-Centric Focus Technical Vs Functional Thinking Design Vs Code Thinking Weaponised Autism ;-)

I'm a CTO with 24+ years professional IT experience and 12+ in Blockchain / Crypto. Passion for security & startups, decentralisation and privacy. I am humble, honest and direct. I’m constructive and solution-oriented, and I have courage, a strong backbone, I have a strong moral compass and I al...

Professional React & Solidity Engineer active 2 days ago
Available Now 📍 United States
Solidity NFT Defi Erc720 Erc721A Erc20 Web3 React Next Node Express Laravel Docker Graphql Jest Mongodb Mysql

This is a senior smart contract & web3 engineer who has rich experience in Solidity, NFT, Defi. I always build 100% high quality so client call me as "successful developer."

CMO & Head of Marketing active 2 days ago
Available Now 📍 I'm from Ukraine, currently living in Bali, Indonesia
Business Development Growth Hacking Marketing Funnel Strategies Marketing Architecture & Automation

My name is Yurii. It's an excitement for me to find this job opportunity and get to know more about the value you bring to the blockchain ecosystem. I'm an experienced marketing strategist & marketing funnel architect with 9 years of experience in the following niches: IT & Web Development, Aviat...

Content Creator active 2 days ago
Available Now 📍 India
Content Creation Community Management Marketing

Dear HR Executive, Greetings!! I would like the opportunity to interview in person for the available positions. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Below are Three reasons why I believe that I may be the candidate you are searching for – 1. I am a Crypto Enthusiast, Gamer, Engineer, NF...