📝 DRAFT — Business Development at Hug Oxytocin

posted 781 days ago
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The HOX presents a novel sharing economy model for both businesses and individuals
to earn in everyday life without forcing blockchain to know.

We built a platform for Humanity by revealing the practical sides of blockchain.
HOX is a project that will make people real social. Today, everyone has smartphones at hand, they surely have a social network. HOX fully carries the social network to real life and enables people to mingle with each other the Hugo APP.

HOX aims to provide positive interaction between people with sharing economy. HOX has every parameter for business that makes customer loyalty constant. HOX guarantees you a profit in both a moving and stable life cycle. HOX makes both the donation campaign initiator and the needy happy. HOX brings people together in the frame of love and profit with many tools and services.

We are looking for teammates who can really contribute to the project. Please contact for more detailed information about the project.




500 HOX + Equity