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About the Job

The company:

Korporatio does company incorporations right. We built a dApp that automates the business registration and management process for companies to efficiently operate in Seychelles, Panama, Wyoming (US), St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Singapore.

We believe in doing things truly out of the box. After all, how many companies do you know that have successfully legalised DAOs?

The most important asset we have is the quality of each team member. We all work together to ensure every client can receive the best service experience in the industry.

We have reached the point of needing an extra pair of hands and we are looking for a Business Development Executive to join us.

The role:

As anybody with prior startup experience will know, in a startup you are responsible for doing everything, every time that the company needs it. You can be running a C-level position one day, and be the one making photocopies in the next one.

Your main responsibility will be to make sure that workflows are updated, the brand is in good health, clients are well taken care of, and obviously increase the revenue.

None of the tasks is difficult on its own, but to find someone capable of mastering majority (or all) the responsibilities is for sure a difficult challenge. You know exactly if you are the right fit for this type of job ;)

The tasks:

- Prepare and publish a few tweets every week and engage with the community.

- Prepare and publish a couple of posts for LinkedIn every month.

- Write 1 or 2 articles every month to be published on our blog. We require a very high quality of content creation for this part, no Inbound marketing BS. Sources must be mentioned, solid outbound link building, and in general a very good understanding of what works in the blogging space.

- Link building and improvement of awareness on industry forums.

- Reaching out to Law firms and incorporation agents to sign new partnerships.

- Answering enquiries both on the live-chat and via emails that arrive on a daily basis. This specific part requires a good understanding of the industry, a split empathy to answer the lead, as well as a sales approach to push for closing.

- Develop and manage an internal template to keep track of onboarding and sales cycle. Team members need to be able to know who needs a follow-up, where are the bottle necks, what is needed to complete an incorporation, etc.

The requirements:

- Passionate about tech and problem solving. Blockchain is a plus.

- 1-3 years of experience in a similar role OR in a startup.

- Good Sales and Marketing abilities (if you think they are the same, this is not the job for you).

- Understanding of the industry. Previous experience in incorporating a company is a huge plus.

- Pro-active. If you need someone to tell you what to do, this is not the job for you.

The final note:

To make it simple, we are looking for a junior who is talented. Someone that is independent, not afraid to get their hands dirty, and get the job done. A person that is eager to show the world what he/she/they can do.

Perfect English is a must, working remotely is ok, and work hours are not a thing.


marketing, sales, customer support, admin, business development, content writing



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