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About the Company

Sismo is an attestation protocol that enables users to selectively reveal data derived from their web2 or web3 accounts. Users aggregate their identity and use it to generate ZK proofs that applications can verify through our on-chain and off-chain verifiers. The resulting privacy-preserving attestations—stored in on-chain smart contracts or off-chain databases—are utilized by applications for access control and reputation curation. Standing at the crossroads between digital identity, web3 social, and zero-knowledge technology, we were recently featured in a list of Vitalik Buterin’s - - . Our Factory - - the portal for integrating Sismo — currently enables developers to create ZK Badges, a tokenized form (SBTs) of attestations issued by the Sismo protocol. Our tightknit team of crypto natives has been working on Ethereum since 2015 (ex Aave, EthCC, Kleros, ConsensSys). To realize our vision, we raised $10,000,000 from some of the biggest names in crypto (angels such as Lens, Optimism, Starkware, the Ethereum Foundation, Curve, Aave, Snapshot, Guild, and top VCs like Framework, Delphi, IDEO or Seedclub Ventures). Team members are exposed to the best training, conferences, and hackathons the space has to offer. You can expect to join a mission-driven crypto-native team passionate about privacy, decentralization, and the technology that will power the future of the web. Learn more:

About the Job


As Sismo’s Developer Relations Manager, you will help our community of developers thrive by delivering a top-notch DevX. You’ll improve Sismo’s development processes via conference workshops, developer documentation, and hands-on tutorials.

In addition, you’ll lead integration efforts with some of the best teams building on web3.

Having experience with aspects of the development cycle and being able to project yourself in a team is a must for this role.


- Experience as a developer or a technical writer in the Ethereum community
- Proven record as a contributor to the open-source community (blog, tutorials, code)
- 2+ years experience as a communicator in a technical team
- Fluent in English (French is a bonus)

Nice to have

- Entrepreneurial experience/side projects
- Passionate about web3 social


- Strong incentives (market salary + tokens)
- Remote-friendly
- Participation in some of crypto’s biggest events and conferences
- Become entrenched in the ZK community

Questions :

- What are some of your favorite web3 projects?
- If you had to choose three blockchains, what would they be and why?
- How did you learn about Sismo?
- What is the most exciting use case for ZK Badges?





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