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Posted 4 days ago

Want to work for the biggest and oldest video marketing agency in the crypto space? makes 90-second promo videos for a very busy fast-paced niche and we need another script writer.

We're looking for someone who is...

- Excited about crypto/blockchain technology
- Experienced in writing scripts for short (60- to 90-second) promo videos
- Communicative, with strong social skills
- Creative and imaginative
- Responsible and punctual.

Applicants must have at least 6-12 months of experience writing content related to cryptocurrencies and crypto projects.

In a nutshell, you would be:

- Interviewing clients to clarify content
- Producing the first draft of the script
- Communicating frequently (and clearly) with the project management team in our Slack channel
- Working with clients, as well as our creative team, towards final approval.

About the job:

-Taking one script from start to finish pays $500 US.
-Once you've joined our core team of writers by writing 5 scripts, we pay $750 each.
-Scripts are around 230 words in length.
-Our aim is to receive final approval within 5 days.
-You may need to provide script revisions on a weekend or holiday (depending on the client's urgency/preference).

About you:

-Most clients are based in the US, so we'd prefer someone who lives in North America, but we're also open to other timeszones
-Definitely must be fluent in English (ideally a native speaker).
-To establish trust and rapport, the first interview with the client will be a video call.
-Our industry is very image-based, so it's important for you to be professional (at least business casual) in appearance.

-If you have experience working in retail or hospitality -- AKA, excellent customer service and a strong work ethic -- that's a definite plus!

Please make it easy for us to say "yes" to you!

-Please share at least 3 SPECIFIC scripts that you've written. (Please do NOT send general portfolio links, as this can be very time-consuming and confusing for us. Most likely you will not receive a reply.)
-Please send short, 60- to 90-second video scripts.
-If you have any concerns about NDAs, you can still share your work by deleting the company name. We promise we won't try to Google any of the information to discover their hidden identities. :)
-Please share text-only scripts, not the -finished videos.
-Links can be shared via Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
-Please ensure the permissions of all links are set to "anyone can view." Rest assured we will NOT share these links with anyone outside our management team!

We're energetic, friendly and super-fun to work with! We're also very serious about delivering the highest-quality videos in our niche, while providing world-class service.


Writing, communication


$500-750 USD per script

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