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Business Development Professional

Various cities
Posted 85 days ago

Pledgecamp is hiring talented Business Development Professionals to help lay the groundwork needed to ensure the successful launch of the Pledgecamp crowdfunding platform.

The primary responsibility of the Pledgecamp Business Development Professional is to develop business relationships by networking in his or her city’s startup scene, for the purpose of getting companies who have fundraising requirements interested in and committed to using Pledgecamp’s crowdfunding platform when it launches in early 2020.

In doing so, Pledgecamp Business Development Professionals will play a vital role in the early success of the Pledgecamp crowdfunding platform.

What We’re Looking For:

-Previous sales experience.
-Superior customer service skills.
-Ability to develop effective relationships within the team and with clients.
-Solid organizational and time management skills.
-Strong verbal and written communication skills.
-A proven history of achieving and surpassing sales targets, an unprecedented drive for results.

Fee Structure:

Business Developers who are directly responsible for project listings will receive 2.5% of funds raised by the project during a campaign. The funds will be paid out 30 days after the campaign concludes, to provide enough time to settle the funds and avoid chargeback issues.

Additionally, if the project opens a storefront to accept regular ecommerce orders, Business Developers responsible for signing the project will receive 0.5% of all orders while the listing remains active.

Additional Benefits:

-Opportunity to be part of an exciting company at the cutting edge of the nascent cryptocurrency industry.
-An attractive commission structure that rewards results, with the possibility of residual income.

Where We’re Hiring:

Candidates in the following cities are more likely to be selected for the position:

1. Silicon Valley, US
6. Seattle, US
2. New York, US
7. Beijing, China
3. Tel Aviv, Israel
8. Toronto, Canada
4. London, UK
9. Austin, US
5. Berlin, Germany
10. Sidney, Australia

About Pledgecamp:

Pledgecamp is a revolutionary, blockchain and smart contract powered crowdfunding platform. Our mission is to usher in a new era of crowdfunding through trust, collaboration, and globalization.

Pledgecamp is backed by high-profile advisors such as Randi Zuckerberg, Matt Curcio (VP, Ripple), David Ambroz (Executive Director, Disney TV), Keith Teare (Founding shareholder, TechCrunch), and more.




2.5% commission + 0.5% residual

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