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Posted 27 days ago

CryptoSorted is a leading source of actionable crypto trading and investment guides, and an independent blockchain and cryptocurrency publishing website.

Our vision is to become the number one source for practical and actionable crypto trading and investment information.

We aim to make CryptoSorted the destination for reliable crypto startup ideas, crypto market analysis, crypto news, project reviews, crypto trading, and investment guides.

We want to help both new and experienced crypto investors connect with the market and cryptocurrency technological developments so they can independently and confidently make informed and profitable crypto investment decisions.

Our primary target audience is both new and experienced crypto traders and investors that are looking to make meaning of the market and technology for profit.

1. Write content that is aimed at helping our readers accomplish something, learn something, or make them think deeply about a topic that would be of interest to them -It’s all about helping the reader to be better informed and equipped to succeed in the crypto space.

2. Write with the audience in mind. Put yourself in their shoes and try to simulate the challenges that they might have that you can help them solve by reading your content.

3. When we looked at the other crypto publishing websites out there, we realized a couple of things:

There aren’t many blogs producing practical and actionable crypto investing guides. Most of what is out there are highly generalized, too technical, and sometimes contradicting information that only gets the readers especially newbies more confused and lost.

Most of the contents out there are not relatable to the reader; mostly because they’re written by people who are inexperienced on the topic or do not have sufficient first-hand knowledge on the topic being discussed to be able to present them in a way the reader can practically relate with.

More so, the majority do not provide detailed and comprehensive information on the topic to try and answer the readers’ questions –thus leaving them wanting and having to keep searching elsewhere for the missing pieces to their puzzle. This is frustrating for most readers who would prefer to get answers to their questions in one simple detailed post that cuts further search.

To get a better understanding of the kind of content we will be expecting from you:

Check out our website:

1. Conversational tone.
2. Post must help readers accomplish something, learn from examples, or gain deeper insight into the topic.
3. The post must be detailed and explanatory. Providing as many answers as possible to the topic questions.

4. The post shouldn’t follow the conventional 5 paragraph essay format.

5. Make short concise paragraphs that are easy to read and communicates the idea.

6. The post should be fully and neatly formatted to make it easy to skim through

1. You must have a passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

2. You are a storyteller.

3. You can come up with stories and content ideas with minimal guidance.

4. You must be good with Keyword research and SEO.

You are expected to produce a minimum of 4 standard articles per month.


Writing, Research, Communication, Ketword Research, SEO



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